Class, Control, and Classical Music awarded prize

I am delighted to have been jointly awarded the Philip Abrams Memorial prize by the British Sociological Association for my book Class, Control, and Classical Music. This prize is for the best first sole-authored book within the discipline of sociology and needless to say it’s a huge honour to be joint winner. This is in fact the first prize I’ve ever won for doing sociology, which makes it particularly special, and the recognition helps to make the many years of work that went into this book feel even more worthwhile.

You can listen to a short interview with one of the prize judges, Richard Waller, with me about the book here. The prize was also awarded to Owen Abbott for his book The Self, Relational Sociology and Morality in Practice, which looks great and I can’t wait to read it. There were some fantastic books nominated and all 20 of them look worth reading. One that I’ve already read is Ali Meghji’s Black Middle Class Britannia, which I would highly recommend – a hugely important book looking at high cultural consumption among Black middle-class people in London, which is essential reading for understanding intersections of race and class in the UK.

Class, Control, and Classical Music awarded prize

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