Academic publications

I have made pre-publication versions available for most of these publications. The journal version is linked under the title, and the pre-publication version (with the full text) is linked after the entry where available/necessary.

Peer-reviewed publications

Bull, A., 2019. Class, control and classical music. New York: Oxford University Press.

– See also review of my book for the European Journal of Cultural Studies (link to pdf full version)

Page, T., Bull, A., and Chapman, E. Forthcoming, 2019. Making Power Visible: Activism to Address Staff Sexual Misconduct. Violence Against Women. Pre-publication version.

Baker, G., Bull, A., and Taylor, M. 2018. Who Watches the Watchmen? Evaluating Evaluations of El Sistema. British Journal of Music Education, 1-15. Pre-publication version.

Bull, A. 2018. ‘Uncertain Capital: The Role of Class and Gender in the Imagined Futures of Young Classical Musicians’ in Chris Dromey & Julia Haferkorn (eds), The Classical Music Industry. London: Routledge, 79-95.

Bull, A, and Allen, K. 2018. Introduction: Sociological Interrogations of the Turn to Character. Sociological Research Online, 23.2 June, 392-398.

Allen, K., and Bull, A. 2018. Following Policy: A Network Ethnography of the UK Character Education Policy Community. Sociological Research Online, 23.2 June, 438-458. Pre-publication version.

Bull, A., Scharff, C., 2017. ‘McDonalds’ Music’ Versus ‘Serious Music’: How Production and Consumption Practices Help to Reproduce Class Inequality in the Classical Music Profession. Cultural Sociology 11 (3), 283-301. doi:10.1177/1749975517711045 Pre-publication version.

Bull, A., 2016. Gendering the middle classes: the construction of conductors’ authority in youth classical music groups. The Sociological Review 64, 855–871. doi:10.1111/1467-954X.12426 Pre-publication version.

Bull, A. 2016. El Sistema as a bourgeois social project: Class, gender, and Victorian values. Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education 15 (1): 122–55. (open access).

Publications under review

Bull, A. ‘‘Respectability’ and classical music: Examining the intersections of class, gender and race to understand inequalities in musical training’ (to be translated into French). In Buscatto, M., Cordier, M., and Laillier, J., (Ed.s) “La fabrique des inégalités au cœur des formations artistiques”. Agone.

Public reports

Wilson, N., Gross, J., and Bull, A. 2017. “Towards Cultural Democracy. Promoting Cultural Capabilities for Everyone.” London: King’s College London

National Union of Students. 2018. “Power in the Academy: Staff Sexual Misconduct in UK Higher Education.” April 4, 2018

Bull, A., & Rye, R. 2018. “Silencing students: institutional responses to staff sexual misconduct in higher education”. The 1752 Group/University of Portsmouth

Bull, A., Chapman, E., Calvert-Lee, G., & Page, T. (2018). “Recommendations for Disciplinary Processes into Staff Sexual Misconduct in UK Higher Education”. The 1752 Group/McAllister Olivarius. 1st edition.